Humphry Davy Lantern Parade 2024


Penzance’s Humphry Davy Lantern Parade is back for 2024! This popular event is held in remembrance of the town’s very own Sir Humphry Davy, Penzance’s most famous son, and inventor of the lifesaving Davy Lamp! Humphry Davy School accompanied by the Mayor of Penzance and local musicians will lead the procession, which will consist of […]

Event Series Montol



The Montol Festival is an annual celebration of the Winter solstice on the 21st of December. Started in 2007, it has been run by the Cornish Culture Association since 2014. Most known for the sensational and dramatic torchlit procession which is the culmination of a six day long festival of Cornish traditions. Through the week […]

May Horns

Penzance May Horns is celebrated on the first Sunday in May every year. Like other May traditions in Cornwall, it represents the coming of summer and the end of winter. The event starts just before sunset, when people dressed in green and white meet near the boundary between Penzance and Newlyn. As the sun begins […]