Town Deal Board Formed

Flowers in Penzance town

Town Deal Board Formed


Penzance Town Deal Board formed to support a thriving, sustainable future for Penzance and Newlyn

The incredible town of Penzance has been selected as one of just 100 towns across the UK to bid for up to £25 million in grants to create a better future for everyone that works and lives there.

Perfectly placed next to the sea, Penzance’s strong community has a rich heritage of innovation and strong spirit that will be needed as we rebuild post Covid-19. This new bid is being guided by the Penzance Town Deal Board, which is made up of both private and public sector to give balance and maximise the voice of local people.

After an initial government appointed board was set up, an open invitation was sent out and applicants submitted CVs and supporting evidence for their candidacy. Following that an independent ranking system qualified the remaining members. Alongside the board there are working groups tackling specific parts of the project and we are encouraging anyone that might be interested in supporting to reach out to

The projects funded will focus on the future of Penzance and Newlyn and there are several ways you can have your say on what that future could look like. You can visit the ‘Penzance Town Deal Board’ page hosted on where you will find lots of information as well as contact points.

Penzance Town Deal Board is looking for projects that centre around regenerating the town so that it is a place that people love to live and work. The board is also looking at how they can support jobs by creating opportunities for skills and training as well as empowering small businesses. The board will also look at  new local transport schemes that compliments regional and national networks.

Vice Chairman Rob Parsons says “The Penzance and Newlyn Town Fund is a fantastic opportunity for us all to ask ourselves what we want our town to look like in the future. This potential investment gives Penzance and Newlyn a chance to create the future we all want”.

This new fund is another step forward in regeneration projects for Penzance and forms part of a wider investment plan and many other groups dedicated to the future of the town. The board’s vision is to raise up all voices across Penzance and Newlyn.

The board is also dedicated to inclusivity, equality and reducing environmental impact. The entire Town Investment Plan will be written with a future in mind that is sustainable and fair.

Further guidance on the exact criteria for funding will follow so please follow LovePenzance on your favourite social media platforms, where we will share thoughts and visions from the community as well as updates from the board.