Penzance and the Global Goals

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Penzance and the Global Goals


The Global Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice. Learn more and take action.

Everyone in Penzance wants a better future, sometimes we might disagree with the actions to get us there or even what better looks like but we all want the best for us, our families, our friends and our community. 

The Global Goals are a framework for achieving that same better future but asking how we all play a part in supporting our global community as well as our local. 

Developed by the United Nations after 196 governments agreed their version of what better looks like, the 17 goals are designed to achieve equality for all and reduce our overall impact on the planet we call home. 

The goals range from eradicating poverty everywhere through to job creation in a decarbonised world. They try to encompass as many topics as possible without being overwhelming.

As part of the Penzance Town Deal the Board decided to align with these goals and where possible explore what they meant for Penzance and the projects that were eligible for funding through the scheme. 

This is the first time that an organisation in Penzance has taken this approach and being first means a lot of uncertainty. There is no trying to be perfect here, that isn’t attainable. It’s about creating new ways of approaching problems, considering the impact of the decisions with as wide a view as possible. 

The Penzance Town Deal Board are working towards a set of clear objectives and here is how they align with the Global Goals:

Objective 1:
Improving the quality of employment and enterprise opportunities, in particular within the priority sectors identified in the Neighbourhood Development Plan

Objective 2:
Improving the built environment

Objective 3:
Maximise our natural and green capital as an economic and social resource

The hope is that while the Penzance Town Deal Board work towards these few goals with their objectives that other organisations responsible for the town also look at the work needed to achieve the remaining goals and support the Town Deals work towards the goals above. 

This work has not gone unnoticed by the United Nations and early next year representatives from Penzance will deliver a presentation for the United Nations Global Compact on their experience working with the SDGs. 

A significant step forward for Cornwall in being recognised as a place for sustainability. A huge step for Penzance being the town at the heart of it all. Other cities that are engaging in these goals are Bristol, Liverpool and further afield in Utrecht. 

Had you heard of the Global Goals before? Perhaps by their other name, The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals? If you want to learn more about Penzance and Sustainability then stay tuned to the LovePenzance social media channels where we will be highlighting more organisations working towards the goals.