Accelerator Fund

Accelerator Fund


The Penzance Town Deal Board is pleased to announce that we have received £500,000 from the government as part of an accelerator fund. We will be spending this investment on five main projects, all of which will be completed by March 2021. Our mission is to make Penzance a greener, more sustainable, and thriving space for all. The projects that we will be investing in to achieve this are: introducing bike sheds to encourage sustainable transport, an outdoor gym, increased shop mobility, maintenance of the acorn theatre and the promenade.

Our vision is that by 2030 Penzance will be a thriving and resilient town that connects both locals and visitors to its inspiring coastline and culture. One of the ways in which we will do this is through creating bike shelters and secure parking. This will encourage bike riding in Penzance and help to make travel more accessible. The shop mobility investment will also increase access into the town centre for the less mobile, helping to make travel more accessible and more green.

The prom is at the heart of Penzance, it is an open space where people can improve their sense of wellbeing by being beside the sea. To improve the open space and increase the amount of people visiting, we are enhancing the current works on the Penzance Prom to include more seating, flag-poles, and benches.

Investing in theatre and the arts is not just about helping the night-time economy, but it is also about investing in culture, creativity, and good mental-health. By putting £45,00 into the Acorn we can help fund their essential maintenance work.

Finally a free outdoor gym will improve outdoor spaces as it will make health facilities more accessible to people in Penzance. Based near Newlyn Green, it will be a place where people can exercise while also benefiting from being outdoors.

As further development on each project continues we will release more details here so please be sure to visit the LovePenzance Town Deal pages regularly to see all the latest.