Didjan is the name given to the small morsel of pasty left for the buccas or mine spirits by Cornish miners, in the hope of ensuring safety when working underground. […]


Jam First Theatre presents Hellish, a new comic Cornish folk tale. Jago Clemo is out of luck…and the Devil knows it! Down at his local pub, furloughed and frustrated, Jago […]

Blue Fire Theatre – Kemp’s Jig

“And let those that play your clowns say no more than is set down” In 1600 Will Kemp, the most famous comic and clown of his generation and Will Shakespeare, […]

The Canterbury Tales

Welcome to ‘The Canterbury’, an Olde English Inn, Infamous around these parts for villainy and sin. The floor is caked in sawdust, for soaking up the spit, And the air […]