Penzance Accommodation

Looking for Penzance accommodation with palm-fringed vistas over St Michael’s Mount? Please, step into our sea view room… Or perhaps your inner pirate would like a night or two above a cosy, dock-side inn? We’ll take up your cases and pull you a pint.

From grand hotels with Promenade views to boutique hotels furnished with a distinctly artistic local flavour, you’ll find Penzance accommodation that feels like a home from home – with extra ‘Cornish comforts’

Our Penzance accommodation listings also include bucketsful of fabulous B&Bs and self-catering accommodation where you can unwind in an oasis of calm. And as you’ll see, there’s also a huge commitment to sustainability and going plastic-free among our providers, something which we’re all very proud of as a community.

Finally, do ask your host or hostess to recommend the perfect fish meal, hidden beach or sunset beer garden. They are going to offer priceless ‘local secrets’ that Google can’t compete with!

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