The Best Restaurants in Penzance

Shhh… Say it very quietly so you don’t upset our neighbours in St Ives and Padstow, but the best restaurants in Penzance also happen to be the very best in the county.

The reason? Nearby fishing port Newlyn landing around 10,000 tonnes and 40 species of fish each year will help. Add the ever-increasing influx of talented chefs, scenic and quirky locations and Penzance’s bohemian vibe, and you have a recipe for dining heaven.

You can enjoy your beer-battered cod (or crab nachos with coriander and lime for the adventurous) right in the heart of the docks, in an old lifeboat house, or just a wave’s splash away in one of the many eateries running the length of historic Chapel Street.

It’s not all about the fish either. Despite being way out west, Penzance offers an outward-looking dining experience with its purveyors of traditional Neapolitan pizzas, light and fresh Polish breads and cakes, and aromatic Indian, Thai and Chinese specialties.

There’s one extra ingredient the best restaurants in Penzance have that many elsewhere struggle to achieve: a relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere. You might even not realise you’re being catered to by a chef at the top of their game: until you take that first heavenly bite…