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PZ Town Deal

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Welcome to the Penzance Town Deal Board section of the LovePenzance website.

Why are we here and not on our own website?

This whole project is about connecting in with the people that live and work in Penzance and we felt that it was best to bring the message to a website you already use.

Autumn 2019 saw the Government announced that Penzance and Newlyn, along with 100 other towns across the UK had been selected to bid for up to £25m in order to support the regeneration of the town.

A board, made up of local private and public sector members, is responsible for leading the development of an Investment Plan. This plan will detail where we want to spend the £23m and then we wait to see what gets approved from central government. The Investment Plan will be made publicly available when it is completed and we will be notifying people through this website and the LovePenzance social media platforms. 

You might be aware of other regeneration projects already happening. There is the High Street Fund and the Business Improvement District group as well as community driven organisations like Sustainable Penzance that are all shaping the future.

The Town Deal is another part of that overall regeneration plan and it’s a great opportunity to support more projects as well as see what new things can be supported too.

Of course all of this is only possible through collaboration and the board are made up of a number people from across all the different sectors of Penzance and Newlyn. 

The process of building the board has been done deliberately differently and the way we are going to approach the investment plan is also going to be done differently too. This is a great opportunity, that won’t be able to tackle every issue, but will be able to make positive impacts in the community.

We also need you.

We need to hear your thoughts on the future of Penzance and Newlyn.

You can head to the LovePenzance social media channels below to join in our conversations there.


Penzance 2030:

“A thriving, resilient town with a diverse economy, providing quality jobs, opportunities, homes and lifestyles. It is welcoming, connects locals and visitors to its inspiring coastline and culture, and puts people and planet first.”


The Town Deal Board will secure investment from the Town Fund for Penzance and Newlyn and make our vision real by:

  • Co-ordinating and maximising investment opportunities from Towns Fund, private and public sector.
  • Using UN Sustainable Development Goals as the foundation
  • Empowering the whole community to engage, co-design solutions, to grow and to adapt.
  • Creating rewarding jobs and careers and investing in people to develop their skills so that they can secure decent work
  • Supporting infrastructure and activity which promotes health and wellbeing for our communities and visitors
  • Promoting sustainable consumption, production and the responsible use of natural resources


Our plan has been designed to deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals, a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.

Our values will guide the way we work, the partnerships we broker and the investments we make:

We are INCLUSIVE – we will champion projects which support all parts our community and reduce inequality

We are COLLABORATIVE – We listen and promote productive partnerships

We are AMBITIOUS – we want a bright future for Penzance and Newlyn

We are RESPONSIBLE – to our community and our environment