Summer in Penzance

Summer in Penzance


What an amazing summer we have been having! And with all the beautiful weather comes an influx of visitors to Penzance. It’s been great to see so many people enjoying the town and surrounding area – and it’s been great to hear the work that’s been happening to try and spread the Plastic Free Penzance message to them.

Online, our ‘Three Things You Can Do’ tips have been shared far and wide, with one German coach company getting in touch to tell us that thanks to our message … they no longer bring single use water bottles to the town and give everyone a refill bottle instead!


Many holiday providers have put a copy of the three top tips in their guest rooms to encourage refill and shopping locally. We’re really pleased that so many have signed up to Plastic Free Penzance as a business too, to see how they can reduce the amount of single use items they provide themselves.

One of our favourite ideas so far has been from Chypons Farm … who are tackling the blight of polystyrene body boards left littering our beaches every day. They are offering traditional wooden bodyboards to guests instead – which can be borrowed and returned each day. Brilliant!

Of course, sometimes on holiday and when the weather is so warm, you get caught out and need to buy a bottle of water. So around the bay you may have seen our Ocean Plastic Bins to encourage recycling? They can also be used to put in any plastic bottles found on the beach while walking, playing or sunbathing. If your beach side business would like to host one please get in touch on

As a popular holiday destination we have a great opportunity to send people home with a strong message on single use. Who knows how many have seen what we’re trying to do and decided to do something themselves too! ┬áThe small things all add up.