Situated at the far end of Cornwall, Penzance is a travel terminus and a lifeline to the Isles of Scilly.

Penzance train station is the start of the main line UK railway and the recently upgraded Night Riveria Sleeper Service to London, which operates 6 days a week and is one of only 3 sleeper services in the country. 

Penzance Harbour serves both the passenger ferry and freight movements for the Isles of Scilly, as well as being home to the helicopter service for the islands. 

Newlyn harbour, part of the conurbation of Penzance, is a second largest fishing port in England with around £30 million of fish landings annually.

Superfast fibre optic broadband is available across the town supporting an entrepreneurial economy and contemporary digital-led businesses in FinTech, CreaTech and renewable energy sectors.

Working together for  a sustainable future for the town, community and planet.  Sustainable PZ is an extension of the work started by Plastic Free PZ, to connect the town to a bigger vision of what a sustainable community can look like.