Sea tours – Maritime Discovery / Mermaid Pleasure Trips Ocean Adventures

Sea tours – Maritime Discovery / Mermaid Pleasure Trips Ocean Adventures


There are many opportunities to get out to sea and make the most of Cornwall’s amazing coastline and unique marine wildlife

Marine Discovery

Join an experienced team on their sailing catamaran, Shearwater II, for a unique marine wildlife watching adventure. The diversity of the wildlife found in West Cornwall is what makes it special. Trips could encounter grey seals, various seabirds, or different species of dolphins and porpoises, enigmatic ocean sunfish or even giants such as minke whales, humpback whales, basking sharks and leatherback turtles! Sailing gives you the most special encounter possible, the quiet meaning you can hear the splashes of the gannets as they dive and the whistles of the dolphins as they bowride alongside the catamaran.
Exploration trips for young and old, last between 2 and 4 hours and with capacities up to 12 pasengers you have space, comfort and freedom.,uk

Mermaid Pleasure Trips

Wildlife cruises – 2 and 3 hour trips delivering a memorable experience. Tours following the coastline allow you to take in the amazing Minack Theatre from the sea before heading out to the ocean in search of Dolphins, Porpoises, Minky Whales and other marine life.

Sea fishing trips- Head out to good fishing grounds from Penzance and the Skipper and crew of the Mermaid ii will guide all those on board through first steps so everyone experiences the thrill of sea fishing and for those experienced fisherman – well, you are free to just get on with it.