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Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens

Plastic Free PZ

Name: Ali Braybrooks, Tremenheere Gardens & Joanna Knight, Tremenheere Cafe

Actions To Date:

  • paper bags
  • paper/online ticketing
  • Got rid of plastic sleeves in ticket office and just clip paper pages into files
  • Refill cups for sale
  • Paper straws
  • Glass drinks bottles
  • No sachets used
  • Wooden cutlery for takeaway
  • Refill sauces only
  • No plastic paperwork wallets
  • Refill water available
  • Recycle and re use as much as can
  • Reuse tubs in the kitchen
  • Compostable takeaway food containers
  • Compostable cups

Joanna: “In the climate we’re in at the minute, looking after the planet is the most important thing. There are challenges, for example we’d like to use glass bottles because we don’t want plastic, but because of health and safety reasons we can’t have glass in the gardens. So it’s finding ways around that, which we’re working on.

“It’s been easy to do most of the changes. We’ve just made choices; they may be slightly more expensive ones, but it’s expected now I think. And I’d like it to become the norm. There have been other businesses that have highlighted what they do and we’ve just quietly been getting on and doing what we do. There’s a standard now, especially with Plastic Free Penzance … you can tell that people expect it.

“There are hundreds of people who come here so it’s nice to be able to offer something and maybe make suggestions on how they can do things differently”