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Monday - Friday; 8am - 8pm

The Workbox
PZ360, 4th Floor, St Mary's Terrace, Penzance, Cornwall, TR18 4DZ
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The Workbox

Plastic Free PZ

The Workbox, situated in the heart of Penzance’s town centre, provides a work space when needed with professional facilities that members can use when it suits them, rather like a gym. We offer a menu of flexible options to suit the exact needs of your business. This way, you can put a cap on costs and avoid paying for work space and facilities you don’t need or use. We believe that the Workbox delivers some of the most affordable and desirable workspace available in West Cornwall. With panoramic views across the whole of Mounts Bay, The Workbox has superb modern facilities and a stylish interior design specification, providing the most inspiring and conducive working environment.

Director: Tim Dwelly
Action to date:
Got rid of water dispenser
Jugs of tap water in fridge
No disposable cups, glasses or cutlery
Communal waste & recycling points to reduce bin bags
Members use reuse coffee cups and bottles

Future actions:
Wants to look more at waste management
Membership awareness of plastic free actions

Community Ally Actions:
Spread the word amongst members through sign up information
Support Plastic Free PZ workshops
Act as an example for other businesses

“We find that our members already bring in re-useable cups and similar so that’s going really well. Joining up is going to be the trigger for more information, and we will put it in our membership in the same way as we are making a point that we’re a living wage building.

“It’s something I believe in anyway, and we want to play our part in the wider Penzance aspect of it because we want to be actively involved in helping the town overall, so if we can be yet another example of a business that’s taking the plunge and doing this, then that can be encouraging.

“It’s quite a busy hub of activity and our members also have customers that come in, so it’s a good way to disseminate the message. We think that work hubs are a lower carbon way of working anyway, as it’s one premises shared by 50 businesses, and that in itself reduces plastic too.”


I find The Workbox the ideal base to run my business The Media Runner. The 300mbps broadband is a boost, as is the A3 laser printer and scanner as well as the amazing tea and coffee.”