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The Summerhouse Guesthouse

Plastic Free PZ

Name: Trevor & Kirsten Elswood

Actions To Date:

  • Glass carafes of water in rooms
  • Glass bottles of water in fridge
  • Cans of drinks in fridge
  • Refill toiletries
  • Cookies in glassware
  • Milk in glass bottles
  • Refill cereal in kilner jars
  • Fresh milk in bottles
  • Jam / condiments in jars / dispensers
  • Bulk local to cut packaging
  • Bulk buy & refill cleaning products to cut packaging

Proposed Actions:

  • Continue looking into cleaning products
  • Plastic Free info in rooms/for guests

“I’m a dad and I’m sure I’ll be a grandfather in some shape or form going forward! But it’s also the economics. I don’t see that there is any detriment and I think it’s a better customer experience. We think our guests will like it as well. From a broader scope – we’ve all got to play our part and it is all about everyone taking small steps and something will get better at the end.

“We had five guests two weekends ago from all over the country on a course … and all of them commented on the evening on how there was reduced plastic in the property and then went on to ahre their best practice at homes themselves. I know it’s an influencer. People who’ve got any conscience will talk and will look in future for properties that provide that.”