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Pocketful of Stones

Plastic Free PZ
Name: Shaun Bebington
Actions To Date:
• Paper or Jute bags
• Glass bottles can be re-used in various ways
• No straws
• Paper labels
• Bulk buy and reuse containers
• Cardboard packaging as much as possible
• Re-use bubblewrap that comes into the business
• Compostable tasting cups
• Working with students at Falmouth on developing new sustainable packaging
Future action:
• Tackle plastic sleeves around bottle tops
• Look for a better solution for tasting cups
• Working with supply chain to reduce packaging
“We’re trying our best and we’re working with the students at Falmouth University on the sustainable packaging, it’s the first course of its kind in the UK so they’re really cool, inspiring kids. They’re looking at all angles and the full picture, including carbon footprint and all the alternatives and the impacts of them. So this glass bottle we use for example, it screws apart and it becomes a vase or a candle-holder or a wine glass … so you can reuse the glass bottle itself!
“One of our biggest problems is events where we’re giving people tasters. One person could taste five products … and your serving thousands of people over a weekend. We use the biodegradable and compostable glasses, but they have to be treated [to compost] … so any avenue you look at has issues. It’s picking the least evil right now. But we are working with the students on things like dissolvable capsules. We try as hard as we can.”