Opening times:

Mon - Closed 
Tues - 12pm-5pm
Wed - 12pm-5pm
Thurs - 12pm-10pm
Fri - 12pm-10pm
Sat - 12pm-late finish 
Sun - Closed 

45 New Street
TR18 2LZ
Call 01736 448982

Mermaid Alley

Plastic Free PZ

Great relaxed vibe serving some high quality cuisines from around the world. A beautiful cocktail menu with some delicious desserts. Mermaid Alley has something for everyone.

Name: Jemela Pearce, owner

Actions To Date:

  • Paper Straws on demand
  • Compostable takeaway containers
  • Wooden cutlery
  • Reuse plastic food containers in the kitchen to reduce cling film/extra packaging
  • Cardboard food boxes
  • No sachets
  • Happy to do water and coffee refills
  • Send packaging back to suppliers for recycling

Proposed action:

  • Some drinks are still in plastic drinks bottles
  • Looking at paper wrapped loo roll


“We make sure that anything we use is reusable and washable, for example things like napkins. We encourage people not to use things that are single-use, so we’ll use things like ramekins etc. and wash it all and use it again, things like that.

“Some things still come in plastic, like some drinks. But we are re-using those bottles for art projects and we send other packaging back to our suppliers who recycle as much as they can. Everyone in Penzance is on it now and everyone is supportive, we have no problem”


Came here as a group last night and we all had a great time. We had a selection of starters which were all delicious – the broccoli is a must try…as is the steak! We had lots of cocktails and a good laugh with the lovely ladies who were working (apologies for being loud!). The mermaid theme of the place is really fun – nice to be somewhere with unique character! Thanks for a lovely evening and we will all be back!”