Monday - Sunday (9am - 6pm)

Marine Discovery
Shed 5, Albert Pier, Penzance Harbour, Penzance, Cornwall, TR18 2LL
Call 07749 277110

Marine Discovery

Plastic Free PZ

Marine Discovery Penzance is an internationally award winning wildlife watching company located in the beautiful far west of Cornwall. They offer a range of voyages on board their unique sailing catamaran Shearwater II” which introduce passengers to the wonders of the local marine environment. Trips are guided by enthusiastic and experienced crew, whose knowledge of the local marine environment and its wildlife is unsurpassed. Trips could encounter animals as diverse as grey seals, massive basking sharks, playful dolphins, seabirds, or even giants such as minke whales. Passengers will learn all about the species encountered as well as getting an entertaining commentary as they sail along this coastline which is so rich in history and heritage.

Name: Hannah & Duncan Jones, owners

Actions To Date:

• Refill water bottles only for staff
• Refill coffee cups only for staff
• Plastic Free lunches for staff
• Refill water facilities on the boat
• Recycle office stationery
• Reuse any plastic packaging that comes into the business

Community Ally Actions:

• Share Plastic Free PZ info on booking forms so people don’t turn up with single use items
• Raise awareness of plastic pollution and individual actions on trips

“All of our education is linked to sustainability. We’re at the forefront of it and we see a lot from the boats. A lot of our customers are UK based and the UK has this enormous coastline, so it’s getting them to connect their habits and what they’re consuming. To realise it can end up blowing into waterways and in the sea, no matter where they are.

“You can see some pretty distressing sights. Recently we were followed for miles & miles by a Kittywake mewing sadly, and when we looked it had fishing line attached to its foot which was dragging behind it. We couldn’t do anything obviously. The other week there was a Cormorant in the bay and it had fishing line wrapped round its neck and down into its throat. So it’s an important message to get out to visitors. Especially around cheap, single-use crab lines.”


Excellent start to a few nights away. Hannah and Duncan couldn’t have been more welcoming and informative. They pointed out all of the wildlife and stopped the boat for us all to see, whilst respecting them and advising why we should keep our distance. A*s all round. We couldn’t stop the dolphins coming to us though!”

– Bernadette Nickson