1 The Coombe
TR18 5HS


Plastic Free PZ

Name:  Emma Hunt

Actions To Date:

  • No straws
  • No disposable coffee cups. Drink in o Refill only
  • Glass bottles of drink
  • All takeaway packaging is paper and card
  • No carriers. Offer re-useable bags instead
  • Put pressure on suppliers and re-use packaging

Proposed actions

  • Wine Refill Scheme
  • Water Refill Point

“I don’t have any single-use cups as, even though they are marketed as ‘Compostable’, they can only be processed at a very limited amount of places in the UK. Therefore over 98.8% end up in landfill. People can bring their own reusable cups and get 30p off instead.

“In the wine bar we use bag-in-box wine for most of the wines by the glass. This significantly reduces the amount of packaging and also reduces the carbon footprint. We have reusable metal straws and stirrers and waxed cloth wrapping for all food-stuffs.

“Living so close to the sea you witness the consumption of our times washed up daily on the beach: plastic straws, coffee cups, plastic packaging… it was important for us to eliminate all of these things from our day to day operation. ”