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Glencree Guesthouse

Plastic Free PZ

Name: Andrew and Lynsey

Actions To Date:

  • Milk in mini ceramic jugs
  • No plastic bottles in rooms
  • Refill tap water in glass bottles
  • Refill toiletries from local supplier Pure Nuff Stuff
  • No single-use items like shower caps & sewing kits
  • Paper sachets of organic clipper tea and coffee from local supplier
  • Refill locally sourced jam and marmalade
  • Try to buy local organic and packaging free food
  • Refill sugar in bowls
  • Plastic Free info in rooms

Proposed Actions:

  • Looking into a new supplier of plastic free toilet rolls,
  • Put pressure on suppliers

“To us it’s self-evident. I know some people don’t believe in climate change, zero waste and things, but we’ve always recycled. It’s just something we’ve believed in. Plastics is an amazing material, which is used in so many ways, but it’s important to be careful to use it in the right way. For us, it’s not about ‘no plastic’ … because sometimes it’s better than other materials for doing things … it’s about no single -use plastic, because of the waste it produces and the environmental impact.”

“It works on two levels; if you believe in climate change and being nice to the world, it just makes sense to do. But on the other side of things; if you are buying in bulk, it just ends up being cheaper. It’s a way of saving. For instance, if you are using low energy light bulbs, it reduces your energy costs as well as being good for the environment. It makes business sense.”