10:00 to 4:00 Monday to Saturday
61-62 Chapel Street
TR18 4AE

Ebb Flow Cornwall

We are Anna & Alice; two friends and the founders of ebbflowcornwall. We met in 2015 by way of a shared love for Cornwall, and a shared experience bringing up little people in this beautiful place we are lucky to call home. Inspired by life in the wilds of west Cornwall, we believe in the “less is more” attitude to life. What matters most to us is getting out with our families and searching for a little bit of adventure in the everyday, enjoying free fun and embracing the special place we live.

ebbflowcornwall was born from a desire to embrace the spirit of the outdoors and move freely through it, unencumbered by ‘stuff’. The hammam towel was and is the foundation of our brand; it is multi-use, lightweight, practical, natural and beautiful. Perfect for use on the beach, in your backpack, as a scarf, towel or picnic blanket – it is the essential companion for every day adventures.