16 Reasons to Love Penzance in the Summertime

Golowan Festival - Market Jew Street Penzance

16 Reasons to Love Penzance in the Summertime


1. Those colourful flags are back in town for summer – and they make your heart go a-flutter. 💕

2. Huge gunnera and banana leaves are unfurling in our subtropical Morrab Gardens. Lush! 🌴

3. You hear the thwack of tennis ball on racket in Penlee Park. And your thoughts turn to icy drinks and moist strawberries. Top up, anyone? 🎾 🍾

4. You stumble into a gorgeous little suntrap of a Regency square and feel yourself transported back a couple of hundred years. 🎩

5. Everyone’s eating al fresco, Penzance style. A pasty, a bench, a sea view – beauty! 🌊

6. You went to get a few breakfast bits and found yourself glued to at least three gallery windows. 🖼

7. The harbour area is crowded with people returning from a weekend away in the sun-kissed Isles of Scilly. ⚓️

8. You have heated discussions about where to go for a crafty pint and catch the last glimpse of the evening sun… 🌅

9. An impossibly big moon casts a frosty glow over the bay. The night is beautiful and mysterious… 🌕

10. People are walking about in swimming trunks at a quarter to ten in the evening like it’s the most natural thing in the world. 🩲

11. You wander through Causewayhead and hear the lilt of local voices as PZ people shop for veg and chat. 🍌 🍎   #propercornishtown!

12. You amble down Chapel Street on a warm summer’s evening and hear languages from across the globe. 🌎

13. You’re trying to choose the best from your three favourite lunchtime picnic spots and can’t quite decide: Penlee Park walled garden, Wherrytown beach, the Promenade… Mmm… 🤔

14. You watch the Scillonian coming into the bay on a summer’s evening. And that blush of rosy pink on the boat makes you smile. 🛳

15. You’re doing a little jig inside because you know the town’s famous Celtic festival, Golowan, is just around the corner… 🕺🏼 👏

16. You have an irrepressible urge to chase the sunset and head into the wilds of west Cornwall. Lamorna, Porthcurno, Land’s End and Cape Cornwall here you come… 🚙 🚲


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