Shop LOCAL Using the Amazing Love Penzance Search Tool

Shop LOCAL Using the Amazing Love Penzance Search Tool


Here’s a simple way to support local businesses in Penzance.

Resist the urge to click ‘Buy Now’ from your usual online store (we won’t mention any names).

Instead, find the right supplier of books, clothes, artisan bread, restaurants, pubs, accountancy service, opticians – you name it – using the amazing Love Penzance search tool.

It’s at the top right of our web page and using it opens up a world of services from local businesses.

You’ll find a dedicated Love Penzance page for each business with a write up about their services and contact details. This is particularly useful for finding the scores of local businesses that don’t have a website.

It’s completely free from ads, too.

But why is this better than buying online?

Good question

Firstly, you’ll be supporting local businesses and contributing to the onward march of our town towards greater things.

Secondly, once you’ve found your local provider you can have a nice walk into town to purchase your goods and actually meet your fellow human beings. Call us old-fashioned, but it beats staying at home waiting for the delivery van to arrive!

Why not give it a try now?