Penzance or St Ives? Here’s Why Our Town Wins Every Time

Penzance or St Ives? Here’s Why Our Town Wins Every Time


Love Penzance is coming out and saying it…  our town now beats St Ives as the best destination in all of Cornwall.

St Ives, St Ives, we DO love you

Don’t take this the wrong way, St Ives. With your dazzling blue seas and blonde shores, you’re like that legendary beauty at school who made us weak at the knees.

So cultured. So culinary. So… damned… cobbled. Just everything about you made Penzance gaze at you with awe.

But not so much any more.

Not because you aren’t still beautiful. You are. We still fancy you. A bit. It’s just Penzance has gone and grown up. And in the past year or two, we’re turning more than our fair share of heads too.

Let’s keep this debate clean, St Ives

We don’t want to get into an unseemly contest. We all remember how, way back, the jam-versus-cream debate ripped Devon and Cornwall asunder. (It’s jam first, by the way, Devon. Just saying.)

We’re not going down that route. We’re going to stay classy.

At least as classy as humanely possible.

But we just have to put this out there. We think we can offer everything your resort does – and more. And St Ives, beautiful old friend, here’s the reasons why.


Why visitors are flocking to us

We’ve been working out. You may have noticed how buff and – quite frankly – beautiful we’re looking. Case in point. Have you checked out our stunningly refurbished Promenade with views over Mount’s Bay and St Michael’s Mount? (You also have views over a distant lighthouse, so, you know, that’s okay, too.)

We’re eating and drinking well. People are calling us the top food destination in Cornwall (it’s just an opinion – don’t fixate on that) and you can see why. We’ve got lovely little rock-up-and-tuck-in fish joints, Michelin Guide pubs, chic gin bars and more. You are what you eat and all that. You’ll be glad to know, we’re eating very well.

We’re getting our beauty sleep in charming B&Bs and bo-ho hotels big on artsy welcomes and stunning views.

We’re kitted out beautifully. Getting your look down matters, of course, and the explosion of mind-blowingly creative independent Penzance shops popping up right now is helping. Our town is developing a unique style – think modern-vintage clothing, warm vinyl sounds, and airy places to stay gorgeously furnished with one-off pieces of art.

We’re swimming daily in the most Instagrammable pool in the UK. Or in the ocean – you can’t move for PZers and visitors plunging into the sea or harbour. It’s become a thing.

We’ve become a thing, frankly.


With lots of LOVE

But get us. Banging on and even getting a bit boasty.

Look, St Ives. There’s always going to be a special place in our heart for you.

It’s just sometimes you have to move on. And things really are moving quickly for us right now.

Don’t worry! We’ll keep looking in on you. We’ll keep thinking of you fondly.

But, for now, we’re going to put it out there and say it loudly and proudly.

Because we feel it and we know it.

We’re the finest destination in all of Cornwall.

Love, Penzance


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