Hey Jason here, I go under the name Agoraphotic on social media. The name is used as I suffer from agoraphobia, but I also love capturing pictures, so I mixed both subjects together and came up with Agoraphotic.

I suffer from a mixture of mental health problems such as agoraphobia, generalised anxiety disorder, health anxiety, OCD and depression. They limit me and some days are worse than others, but I give it a good fight on a daily basis. Photography for me is mainly used for exposure and distraction, which does take the edge off of things going on in my mind.

I’ve created an amazing support and following on social media that I’m very thankful for. Every year for the last 2 years I’ve made a calendar and donated all the profits to a local charity based in Penzance which is a huge accomplishment for me. It’s a challenge I’d like to carry on doing because of how well it’s gone as it benefits both me and the charity involved.

Thank you very much Love Penzance for using my photography on your website, it’s an honour.