Penzance bakeries

Walk into one of our bakeries and you’re stepping into the spiritual home of Cornish cuisine.

In our town, we have almost as many as we have pubs (and that’s saying something). And here you’ll get to sink your teeth into the ‘big two’ on the Cornish menu: a piping hot savoury pasty (veg options available) and a golden slab of crumbly saffron cake.

There’s more to Penzance bakeries than this delectable duo, however, with hevva cake (a spiced, fruit-flavoured slab cake) and crumbly light scones on the menu. The latter may be available as part of a Cornish cream tea with all the lashings of jam and cream that includes.

Top tip: be prepared for a lie down afterwards.

As well as these Cornish delights, many of our family-owned establishments offer freshly baked breads – including artisan and sourdough treats – vegan breads, rich cakes, sticky buns and more.